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    It is an electronics company. This company is also one of the world's largest manufacturers of computer printers, and information and imaging related equipment. This company has numerous subsidiaries worldwide and manufactures inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers, scanners, desktop, printers, business, multimedia and large home theatre, television, robots and also have equipment like laptops, integrated circuit, LCD components and also some other electronic components. This company is one of three core companies of the Seiko group.


    This company is also involved in the smart glasses market. Now this company has three different models. First one was the Epson Mover BT-100 which was followed up by the Epson Mover BT-200. In 2016 the company also released the Mover Pro BT-2000 which is an enterprise-oriented, which is the upgraded version of the BT-200 with stereoscopic cameras. Epson Company also was the first to launch consumer smart glasses with the quality of optics that made them very popular under drone pilots.

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    Controversies of Epson printers

    In 2003, a Dutch consumer makes a strategy to boycott with 640,000 members Epson inkjet printers. The organization said that Epson customers were unfairly charged for ink that they could never use. After. Sometimes, however, the group members also boycott of Epson products and they said that remaining ink left in Epson cartridges was very much useful for the printers to function properly.


    Epson printer list


    • TM-Intelligent printer
    • Thermal line printer
    • Label printer
    • Impact dot matrix printer
    • Image scanner
    • Slip printer
    • Inkjet printer
    • Fiscal printer
    • TM-Intelligent printer:

    It is designed to provide smart solutions for Web-based POS systems or Web-based systems as value-added services for receipt printing. it is composed of TM-I intelligent unit.TM-I intelligent unit has a high range of Linux, peripheral input-output. The size of TM-I printers is also same as the TM printers.


    • Thermal line printer:

    They are first used on the fax machine. They are low noise, printing clear, easy to use.

    • Label printer:

    They have the dependable performance to improve the operational efficiencies. They are so much flexible and also easy to use.

    • Impact dot matrix printer:

    They have the quality of expense and versatility. They are used for both home and personal use.

    Image scanner:

    It is a device which is used to scan images, pictures, printed text and then they convert them to digital images.

    • Slip printer:

    They are compact, versatile. That is used for cheque and credit cards. They are the world’s smallest slip printers.



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